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Feb 24, 2014

In a recent job interview I was asked to do a small coding challenge. When I received the email with the instructions I got a link to this page. It is hosted on HackerRank, a web app that hosts code challenges and competitions. I think it's pretty good and I want to check out some more whenever I have ...

Ubuntu & Juju using VirtualBox

Jan 30, 2014

Recently I discovered and initiative from several companies called OpenStack. It's basically a collection of open source applications that allow anyone to create their own private cloud, pretty neat stuff. Many companies have created their own implementation of this open standard, Ubuntu being one of them. They provide 3 basic services on their implementation. First MAAS (Metal as a ...

Generators and the yield keyword II

Sep 25, 2013

In the previous post, I explained a how to use the yield keyword to implement a generator using a script language like javascript. Now, I'll write about how to do the same in a more static way using c# as an example.

There are a couple of basic conditions that need to be accomplish in order to create a ...

Generators and the yield keyword

Jun 03, 2013

Recently I met with the yield keyword while looking at some code. While it wasn't a complete stranger to me, I've rarely seen it being used and there's actually a good reason for that depending on the language that you are using. It's used to create generators, so let's start to look at what they ...