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I am..

a software engineer specialized on internet and web technologies. I have a passion for computer science and I try to keep myself learning and expanding my knowledge. I have more than 6 years of experience creating projects for private and public companies, both as an employee and as a contractor. If you want to contact me or learn more about my work, you can write me at or use any of these services...

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I can...

analyze and develop back-end to front-end solutions using modern web technologies, with emphasis on Microsoft products. I also have experience creating desktop applications and I'm on my way to learn more about mobile solutions. Here is a list of my main skills...

Name Type Rating Time
C# Language +5 years
C/C++ Language >1 years
Python Language >1 years
Javascript Language +6 years
HTML/XHTML/XML Language +6 years
CSS Language +6 years
SQL Server Database +6 years
MySQL Database +1 years
UML Language >1 years
SCRUM Methodology +2 years
Waterfall Methodology +5 years

I've worked...

for companies in very different fields like banking, geographic information systems or education, which has helped me expand my vision and perspective towards new projects. As a contractor, some of my clients are...

Nebuladom FDD

I've built...

many different solutions like intranets,public administration systems,social networks and product catalogs. You can see my most recent projects here.